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Master The Ukulele Fretboard! (Part 1)

Understand your instrument and take your playing to the next level!

  • Started Sep 9
  • 25 euros
  • Online Meetup

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Service Description

Join the facinating journey of understanding how actually music works! Unlock chords, scales, the CAGE system, and the mesmerizing melody-chord connection. Elevate your ukulele skills and discover new musical horizons. Join us now! ⏺ Dates and times of classes: Saturday September 9 at 8PM CET (Amsterdam time). Saturday September 23 at 8PM CET (Amsterdam time). ⏺ How many lessons will you have? A series of 2 zoom weekly workshops of 45-60 min each. ⏺ Where? The lessons will be taking place on Zoom. Zoom link will be received after the payment is complete. ⏺ Who can participate? This workshop is for anyone - from the very beginner to the advanced student. ⏺ What will you learn? - Understanding Chords: Explore what chords are and their significance in music. - Building Chord Shapes: Learn how to construct chord shapes from scratch, empowering you to play a variety of chords confidently. - Chord Discovery: Discover how to locate chord shapes across the entire neck of the ukulele. - Essential Scales: Dive into essential scales that are crucial for understanding music, composition, and interaction with fellow musicians. - CAGED System: Learn the powerful CAGE system, a versatile approach to navigating the fretboard and expanding your chord vocabulary. - Melody-Chord Connection: Understand the unbreakable link between melody and harmony (Chords). - They way to apply theory to your daily ukulele practice and the benefits of it! ⏺ By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to navigate the fretboard, create harmonious melodies, and expand your chord vocabulary. Join us now to unlock your full ukulele potential! ⏺ Free access to all "Trophy 🏆" patreons. Join patreon: ⏺ What if you can not attend a lesson? If you happen to miss your class you will receive a recorded video of the zoom class you've missed with all the study material. So you have nothing to worry about. ☺ ⏺ What do you need to have for the lessons? I will provide you with all the sheet music, written exercises. Everything will be sent to you in advance before each class. Any type of you uke is welcome (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone). ⏺ Limited amount of spots is available 35.

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Cancellation possible 24 before the planned class.

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