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Boris Mogilevski - The way rivers flow (Physical CD)
The album "The way rivers flow" was composed, arranged and produced by Boris Mogilevski. 
It was recorded in Amsterdam in 2013 and released in 2015. Boris formed a unique collaboration with distinguished and talented musicians from 8 different countries -

Boris Mogilevski - Bass, Guitar (Israel)
Sri Hanuraga - Piano - (Indonesia)
Daniel Mester - Sax/Clarinet - (Hungary)
Kristijan Krajncan - Drums - (Slovenia)
Efe Erdem - Trombone - (Turkey)
Emily Coomber - Vocal - (New Zealand)
Yoojin Ko - Flute - (South Korea)
Elske Groen - French horn - (The Netherlands)

This music on the album is a distinguished blend of Jazz, Middle Eastern, African music and Rock.
The album features strong arrangements, in which each instrument is contributing to the rich colorful tapestry of the music.

"The way rivers flow" features original compositions where different musical traditions can be heard - African rhythms, jazz harmonies, freedom of improvisation, complex Middle Eastern rhythms and ornaments

Boris Mogilevski - The way rivers flow (Physical CD)